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<aside> 💡 LEARN, NOT JUST EARN! Here at the Hub, we’re build a curated community of open - minded thinkers, dreamers and doers. Constantly erasing boundaries between ourselves and our partners through continuous collaborations, shared learning and growth, we’re on the journey of building something meaningful


<aside> 📍 Describe The Hub in one word: Community


What do we do:

We help founders build brands and brands build communities 🚀

We help Creative Souls find their purpose 🚀

📖 Our Values

Action-Oriented: We are a team of doers. We don't wait for the perfect moment; we seize the moment and act now. Our mantra is to start today, because the best time to begin is always now.

Notion Obsession: We are passionate about organization and efficiency. Notion is our tool of choice, our digital workspace. We believe in documenting everything on it, from the smallest tasks to the biggest projects. It's our way of ensuring transparency, accountability, and seamless collaboration.

Building Today: We are creators and builders. Our philosophy is to build now, to bring our ideas to life today. We don't just dream about the future, we actively shape it.

Daily Achievements: Every day, we aim to achieve at least three significant things. This helps us maintain focus, momentum, and a sense of accomplishment. It's not just about being busy, it's about being productive and making each day count.

📌 Key Open Positions

Creator In Residence

Micro-Script Writer

Video Producer

Video Journalist

Social Media Strategist

Social Media Lead

Social Media Intern