Who are we?

We are a dynamic team of copywriters that write with intent. After having been in the industry for over 5 years, our mission is simple: to create an Impact through our writing.

Why us?

The world of writing is often a tough one to navigate. IMP/ACT23 helps you bridge the gap between your ideas and penning them down into words. Whether it is a moving ad-film script or a power-packed one liner, we've got you covered.

Basics of Creative Writing





Our Services


Social Media Copy

A large part of digital marketing is contributed to by social media and the culture present on it that helps propagate brand messaging!

At IMP/ACT23, we bring the emotion that your brand may need. Whether you’re going for professionality or quirk, we’ve got you covered.


Two things remain intrinsic to scripting- emotion and voice.

Our team at IMP/ACT23 embodies the perfect amalgamation of the two elements to produce scripts that not only get your consumer’s attention but really makes an impact that sticks with them.



Blogs & Newsletter

Stories are best told when in long-form. It truly enables one to encapsulate every little detail that comes together to communicate your brand ethos.

Newsletters add to your marketing means by facilitating a direct connect with your consumer.

Newsletters must make it a point to be engaging and tie back into driving your foundation.

To get the most out of your newsletter they need to be written in a way that engages your customers so that over time it boosts your bottom line.


Every brand embodies a certain personality and depicting that personality becomes of utmost importance when aims to stand out.

Branding, when done right, allows your audience to identify with you and stand with what you have to offer.

With us, you will be making a lasting impression.




Putting together effective decks equips your brand with the ability to position itself as an authoritative player within the industry.

Considering that this is document that will be read by a score of people, the language must be easy to read and comprehend.

Trust us with compiling an all-rounded deck for you.

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